Surrey Water Polo Club Volunteering

The Surrey Water Polo Club runs because of our dedicated parent volunteers. Thank you for doing your part!

Surrey Water Polo cannot function without the support and efforts of our parents and volunteer community. We are appreciative of all the time and effort our parents and volunteers put into making the club a successful and caring membership for our athletes.

Volunteer Points Tracking

The Surrey Water Polo parent volunteer commitment is a required ​minimum of 100 points per fall and winter portion of the program (each) and MUST include 20 points for ​any tournaments or league games organized by the Surrey Water Polo Club (regardless of your athlete's age group). Volunteer requirements may be completed by parents, guardians and athletes age 16 years and older at the time of the event and ​must ​be verified by the team manager, coach or any member of the Board at ​the time of the volunteering event or the volunteer time will not be credited​.

Each family is held entirely responsible for documenting and submitting their Volunteer Points Tracking Form by the end of January 20, for the fall portion and by May 20, for the winter/spring portion of the water polo season. If the required points are not completed in full, verified and submitted by the deadline date, the volunteer cheque will be cashed 5 days following the submission deadline.

There are many volunteer opportunities in our Volunteer Position Descriptions document (below). Please also watch for emails throughout the season regarding other possible and upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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